April 9, 2015
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Mindy Kaling started crying during a casting session for Inside Out, the new Disney/Pixar animated film that turns emotions into colourful characters inside a young girl’s head.

Producer Jonas Rivera and writer/director Peter Docter were taken aback. With collaborative credits that go all the way back to Toy Story in 1995 — Docter co-wrote that CGI groundbreaker; Rivera was Pixar’s first intern — they thought they were just making another entertaining movie.

But actress Kaling, star of TV’s The Mindy Project, told them it was much more than that.

“I’ll never forget it,” says Rivera, 43, during a recent Toronto visit with Docter for an advance press sampling ofInside Out, due June 19 in theatres.

“She started to tear up as we were pitching her, and we said, ‘Are you OK?’ And she said, ‘Just the fact that you’re making a movie that tells little girls it’s hard to grow up and it’s OK to be sad about things, it’s really profound.’

“We were like, wow! We didn’t know we were doing that, but it feels really good. It was like this receipt that it was working, that there was a deeper well there.”


December 15, 2014
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February 6, 2014
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Back in October, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ viral website TheDailyBugle posted an article about how Oscorp’s head ofengineeringSpencer Smythe is making “significant advancements in robotics.” Smythe is a villain from the Spider-Man universe who invented the deadly Spider-Slayer robots to capture or kill the superhero.

Now,directorMarc Webb has unveiled that BJ Novak (Inglourious Basterds, “The Office”) will play Alistair Smythe, the son of Spencer, in the sequel. Even though Alistair eventually becomes a villain in the comics, it’s not clear how big his involvement will be in the film.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ is set to hit theaters on May 2nd.


January 24, 2014
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2013 AFI Fest – Emma Thompson Hand & Footprint Ceremony – 11/07/13
Screening of “Saving Mr. Banks” at AFI Fest – 11/07/13
“Saving Mr. Banks” AFI After Party – 11/07/13

January 21, 2014
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January 5, 2014
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July 12, 2013
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March 29, 2013
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BJ Novak in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already boasts Oscar winners Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper as series newcomers, and now it can count a former paper company temp among its ranks.

Former The Office star B.J. Novak has joined The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in an unspecified role, according to a tweet from director Marc Webb. Webb, who has been sharing photos from the set over Twitter since production began Feb. 6,  tweeted Thursday “A supposed rumor about a Dunder-Mifflin takeover of Oscorp?” along with a photo of Novak.

Amazing Spider-Man 2, a sequel to last summer’s hit, is scheduled to swing into theaters May 2, 2014. Andrew Garfield reprises his role as the webslinger, with Emma Stone returning as Gwen Stacy and Sally Field as Aunt May.

Cooper is playing Norman Osborn, who in the comics and in the original film trilogy heads Oscorp and becomes the villainous Green Goblin. Foxx is signed on to play the villain Electro, with Paul Giamatti as the Rhino.

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Novak’s rep seeking more details on the role.


November 30, 2012
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October 11, 2012
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Actress Anne Hathaway has signed on to star alongside Mindy Kaling in the Office star’s romantic comedy ‘The Low Self-Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie’. Kaling, who is riding a recent wave of success after introducing her new show ‘The Mindy Project’ on Fox, co-write the movie’s script with Brent Forrester (King of the Hill). The film follows the titular character down on her luck until Mr. Perfect shows up, changing her fate after a string of failed relationships. Anne Hathaway will play Gillespie with Kaling stepping into a supporting role.

Lianne Halfon and Russell Smith of Mr. Mudd productions are expected to produce, with the film still looking for a director leaving a production date yet to be announced. This will mark the first collaboration between Hathaway and Kaling. Right now Hathaway is working on the motion picture ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘Rio 2′. ‘The Dark Knight’ actress is also rumored to be a part of ‘Robopocalypse’. Kaling, who has also been named one of the executive producers of the Lizzie Gillespie fare, just finished up on ‘Wreck-It Ralph’. She is also slated to appear in ‘The End of the World’. What do you say rom-com fans, is Hathaway and Kaling together on the big screen something you look forward to?


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