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Sep 16, 2014

It sounds like Mindy Kaling was pretty head over heels for ex-boyfriend B.J. Novakwhen they dated years ago.

In a new radio interview with Howard Stern, the 35-year-old actress admits her Officeco-star and former flame is her greatest love to date.

“He broke up with me,” Kaling dished to Stern. “It was years ago that that breakup happened.”

The Mindy Project star says she was “so sad” when they split. “Not angry, sad,” she said. “That was the hottest I’ve ever looked because I stopped eating. When I get depressed I stop eating. So I was so miserable and so beautiful. I remember waking up, barely getting out of bed and we worked together but I didn’t care. I had no makeup on…I was real miserable.”

Stern asked if Novak was the best sex she’s ever had. “It was pretty damn good,” Kaling admitted. “Real good. He’s a smart and funny guy.”


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Sep 14, 2014

During a packed The Mindy Project press day in New York City, Mindy Kaling spent a moment reflecting on the comedy greatness of the late Joan Rivers.

“Joan was so incredible for so many reasons. … She was completely fearless and totally fine with taking an insult,” she said on Friday morning, as part AOL’s BUILD Speaker Series. Though Kaling didn’t personally know the comedian, who died last Thursday following cardiac arrest, she praised her body of work and lightheartedly noted that she was a victim of her Fashion Police lashings on several occasions. “Letting your sensitivities drop — we can’t be offended when people call girls ugly. We can’t be offended when boys say that they think we’re fat. Those are things that should not be important to us. … She was both someone who dished a lot but also taught, ‘Hey, don’t take it personally.’ So that was very inspiring.


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Sep 14, 2014

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Sep 13, 2014

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Sep 13, 2014

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Sep 13, 2014

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Sep 12, 2014

It’s 8:30 on a Thursday morning and Mindy Kaling is looking boss: black blazer, navy-and-white-striped T, black shorts embellished with gold sequined fleurs-de-lys—a far cry from the Rainbow Brite separates she wears as hot mess Mindy Lahiri on her slavishly watched sitcom, The Mindy Project.

And then, shortly after we take our seats … “This is fruitless! Why is this so hard?!” Kaling is struggling to remove her blazer, but one arm is stuck in a sleeve. I freeze for a few seconds, unsure of how to proceed. I feel as though I know Mindys Kaling and Lahiri intimately well, thanks to the former’s bestselling memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (a second installment is to be published next year) and the latter’s television series about a love-obsessed OB/GYN (its third season debuts Sept. 18 on City). I almost reach out and pull her arm through, but then realize it’s way too soon to get feely. Thankfully, Kaling successfully extracts herself—“25 years later!”—and we turn our attention to a menu of $22 egg dishes.


Sep 12, 2014

#3.02 – “Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs”

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Sep 8, 2014

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – 8/25/14

Sep 6, 2014

#2.19 – “Think Like Peter”
#2.20 – “An Officer and a Gynecologist”
#2.21 – “The Girl Next Door”
#2.22 – “Danny and Mindy”

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